Build a Big Chest in Just 4 Weeks

For most people, the workout starts with some abs definition and ends with some arm strength workout. However, experts say that unless your chest is not defined enough you will not be able to support your full upper body. This is the reason most people when trying to work out without the strength of the chest end up with some back pain and should be injured. With the help of a muscular chest, you will not only be able to improve your upper body strength, but you will also be able to see an overall improvement in your upper body function, especially lifting the weight, pulling, and pushing things of just moving around with ease.

While most people think that a chest workout needs to have a bench press and a lot of weight, others think that a chest workout is more or less a complete workout journey that will take at least 6 months. However, in real life, you will be surprised that just a constant workout of 4 months with a well-rounded workout will offer you much better results. With the help of this article we will mainly list down some of the best workouts that will only take 4 weeks and you will get muscular and fuller chest definition.

How to Make the Most Out Of Your Workout?

For a good weight-based workout you need to keep in mind that your time of lift and then your time of bringing it back to the initial position has its significance. To make it easier for yourself you need to start by calculating how much time it takes you to bring the weight from the initial to the final position. Then how much time do you keep it at the top, finally the time you bring it back, and how much time it takes you to bring it back. By improving this time you will be able to later the progress of your workout and improve the results right away. This training is usually known as tempo training and it helps in improving the body strength as well as improving the muscle memory of each exercise.

One Month Chest Workout for Definition and Mass Gain

Bench press

This is one of the simplest yet most effective workouts. It will improve muscle gain by helping in improving muscle strength and blood flow to the chest muscles.

Dumbbell press

Just like the bench press, the dumbbell press is another very important workout that will help you pump up the chest muscles and improve their strength as well as mass. This workout also helps in improving the definition by reducing the fat from the area.

Dumbbell fly

This workout is good for broadening your shoulders and making your chest muscles look more ripped and defined. You will require two dumbbells and as you lay down on the bench you will be required to open up your hands both ways for better definition.

Push up and Pull up

If you want to improve your overall chest mass and definition, push ups and pull-ups are very important. They are mostly used for improving strength without using any external weight.

Overhead press

Perfect for shoulder strength that will help with chest and back definition, the overhead press is very important for all kinds of chest workouts.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, for a chest workout you need to start by listing your goal and then align your workout according to the goal. Where most people give up easily because they have a longer workout routine with no recovery period, you need to have a good well-rounded workout that will help you with the mass building as well as definition and improving the overall function. Another very important thing to keep in mind is that your workout will be incomplete without a proper diet so make sure to have a good heavy protein-packed meal. Finally, make sure you offer your body enough time for a good recovery by resting so that your body gets into recovery mode and you can get the best results.

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