Does Powerade have Caffeine

Does Powerade have Caffeine? Answered with Nutritional Information

Most often, people who go to gym regularly and do intense exercises consume Powerade to maintain the hydration levels of their bodies. Not only this, but Powerade also helps in providing the body with the essential electrolytes that are lost during the workout with sweat. Sometimes, these people ask a very common question that , “does Powerade have caffeine?”. Our this article will definitely be helpful for the people who have this concern in their minds.

Does Powerade have Caffeine?

The answer to the question is NO!. Powerade is not made up of caffeine or it does not contain caffeine either.

As the purpose of the Powerade is to supply body the electrolytes that it lost with sweat or to keep the body hydrated. So, being a sports drink that’s meant for keeping body hydrated, there is no need of caffeine in the Powerade.

Why people think ‘Is there caffeine in Powerade?’

One of the reasons behind why people have the question in mind that ‘does Powerade have caffeine’ could be the history of the manufacturer of this sports drink.

34 years ago in United States, Coca Cola Company started manufacturing Powerade. With its debut in 1988, it soon became the official drink of the Olympics along with Aquarius, another sports drink by Coca Cola.

As Coca Cola is famous for manufacturing soft drinks that contain caffeine, it is evident that people will think the sports drinks manufactured by the company also has some caffeine content.

In the subsequent years after the launch of this drink, company worked towards increasing the energy metabolism in the drink. For this, a new formula was introduced in July 2001 which contained Vitamins B3, B6 and B12.

Nutritional Information of Powerade

The nutritional information of the Powerade drink will help you in determining how much to intake. These also give you a right idea so that you can set your diet goals.

There are some common nutrients present in the Powerade drink like Calories, Sodium, Potassium and Carbohydrates. If we have a look at the Amount Per Serving of these nutrients then it has about 130 calories, 100mg Sodium, 24mg Potassium and 19g carbohydrate.

If you have a look at the ingredients list of the Powerade drink, then it shows that no ingredient is caffeine. Thus, the people who are scared that consuming a drink that contains caffeine will promote increased urination in their bodies can surely drink Powerade.

 The nutrients present in the drink will surely help you in gaining back the electrolytes that you lost with sweat during the workout and also will help you in maintaining your body’s hydration levels.

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