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The Guide to Guest Blogging

In this guide we are going to show you how to search, write, promote a Guest Post. Guest Posting is the best way to market your posts, increase exposure to your business, outreach. If done correctly can be helpful in SEO(Search Engine Optimization). It expands your social media reach by stimulating social media shares. Guest Posting is also used in building trust. If trusted authoritive  sites publish your content, it can increase the trust that the audience has on you. In fact, regular guest posting can help others see you as an expert which can in return increase your reputation of your business.

What is guest posting in seo

Guest Posting helps in getting constructive feedback which is really important to sharpen your marketing skills. Guest bloggers are not the only one’s who earn from guest posting, the blog that’s hosting you does too. Content creation is a major content marketing challenge, so guest posting helps site owners by providing them with content they need. It is also the best way to get high-quality backlinks.

Few steps towards Successful guest blogging

1.     How to get guest blogging?

Before starting to write a Guest Post you have to find a site which is accepting guest bloggers and actively looking for content. Beyond that you will have to target those sites which will help you meet your goals.

2.     Searching for SEO guest Blogging Opportunities

The easiest way of finding Guest Post opportunities is search strings on Google.

For Example, If you are in Health Niche

  • [Health] + “submit guest post”
  • [Health] + “guest posts”
  • Health +write for us
  • Write for us Health
  • [Health] + “become a contributor”
  • [Health] + “guest articles”

Then target the posts which have decent traffic, quality content and are active on the social media platforms. Target guest posts which have greater audience and is highly engaged if your end goal is to get high traffic on your posts and for backlinks go for the posts that have high domain authority.

3.     Connecting with the Site Owner

Suggesting a guest post is known as Pitch. Before pitching you’ll need to form a connection with the site owner. Generally, Cold pitches don’t work unless the content is stellar. A good way to connect with site owner is to write thoughtful comments on their blogs. Sending gratitude mails for how their article helped you can also be a good way of making connection with the site owner.

4.     Pitching

Writing a exceptional pitch about SEO Guest Blogging is the most important thing as it decides whether you will get the chance to write a Guest Post for the Site or not. Contact the site owner in a humble way and tell them about the topic you have chosen and also tell them few things about yourself and why you are interested in writing Guest Posts on their Site. Wait for two weeks before reminding them if you don’t get a response.

5.     Writing a guest post

Once site owner has accepted your pitch , start doing a comprehensive research on the topic you have chosen. Try to write in the tone in which the site has already published its content . Follow the guidelines for writing the guest post. Ensure that your target audience reads the post. Refer to other good guest posts for better idea.

6.     Promote your Content

Content Promotion plays a big role in contributing in increasing the traffic on your posts.  Site owners will also be happy if the revenue from traffic increases. You can start your promotion on social media accounts.

7.     Responsiveness

Once the guest post has been published try to be as responsive as possible. Reply to the comments and mentions of your post. Being responsive is a good way of making connections with your new audience which will also help in increasing the traffic of your Guest Posts. Site Owners will also be happy if you are responsive which will help you when you present them your new Pitches.

8.     Write More Guest Posts

After writing one Guest Post start thinking about your next Guest Post topic. Make a good Guest Blogging strategy and aim for more and more with each blog. The more blogs you write the more online presence you have and the more people think of you as an authority which in return leads to more traffic which also means more revenue. Keep track of the blogs that you have written and be active on them.

Summary- What is guest blogging

Guest Blogging is a technique which requires decent amount of time, presence and exceptional writing abilities. For successful Guest Posts you need have good idea of how to contact with the Site Owners which accept Guest Posting on their sites and know how to contact with them.

In this field of work you also need to be consistent, patient, responsive. Your online presence is also of very importance, which is really helpful in bringing traffic to your posts. The contents of the blog needs to be original, meaningful, practical.  Promotion of your work is a great way of increasing the traffic.

SEO guest blogging also helps in connecting with influencers and make your place in the industry. It can also help in building high-quality backlinks quickly.

Guest Posting can be challenging at first, but the aforementioned ways will help you in writing and publishing a good blog.

So give it a try and  make your own authority in the Guest Blogging World.

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