How to Increase Organic Traffic

How to Increase Organic Traffic: Top-7 Exclusive Tips

Are you also looking for some of the best methods of How to increase organic traffic?

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In all industries, organic traffic is the most converting and engaging traffic. Organic traffic is 14% of the whole, at least for the last three months. 

In this article, we will discuss the 7-exclusive tried and tested methods to increase your website’s organic traffic and increase your engagement and conversions. 

Without any delay, let’s begin !!

Top-7 Methods of How to Increase Organic Traffic?

Know Your Target Audience 

Firstly, you need to know whether you’re giving the right content to the right audience or not. If you do not have the right targeted customer, then you will never be able to have significant organic traffic. 

Thus you need to define your potential customers, and once you know them, you will be able to serve them what they want. All you’re doing here is understanding what the needs and wants of your customer are so that you can provide them with the same. 

Guest Post Outreach 

If you are looking for – how to increase organic traffic, you can not afford to neglect this point at any cost. Because all the top leading bloggers say,” Guest Posting can do wonders for the newbies in the industry.”

In the guest posting, you build relationships with numerous bloggers and get a much better ranking due to backlinks and many benefits. 

You can Find Guest post Opportunities by using Search operators,
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Likewise, with all the other points, guest posting can drive a massive amount of organic traffic on your site, as you will present your best content in front of an audience of the other bloggers. 

 Boost Your Content Quality and Credibility With Links 

If you successfully use the links in your content, your website’s visibility in the SERP increases because these links indicate that your content is more based on research and hence feels more credible to the readers and search engine.

So many top bloggers in the industry produce quality content and get many backlinks which gives them superiority and help them in SEO. You can also easily benefit from this credibility through backlinks and boost your content on the search engines. 

Focus On User Experience Across Your Site 

Google always wants to give people the best of their search results, and thus you need to provide a user-friendly experience to the visitors. This is one of the essential signals for a Google bot to give ranking to your website. 

If your website looks outdated, you might create some click-through, but all they will do is bounce your traffic. Hence, the organic ranking is a way ahead, and you won’t even get enough traffic on your site. Work on your site and make it as user-friendly as possible. 

Conduct A Thorough Keyword Research 

Keywords used in your content show what your content is about? And it gives this direct information to the Google bot to show your content to the right people. If you conduct necessary keyword research, you will be presented in front of the right audience at the right time. 

You don’t need to check all the keywords constantly manually. Instead, you can do smart work and use softwares like Moz, Ahrefs, SEMrush etc. These softwares are masters in finding the right keywords for you, including your growth. 

Improve Your Site Speed 

Do you wait for more than 5 seconds to let any website open? Of Course not. Then wonder what your website’s speed should be to engage the visitors on your site. Your website should react in no time after clicking. 

No one likes a slow website, which affects the site’s ranking. Thus you need to improve it and improve your ranking so that you can have more organic traffic on your site. 

One easy thing you can do to have a brilliant speed is choose the right host for your website. This is the real solution – how to increase the organic traffic on websites. 

Publish Regularly 

You must have heard that consistency is the key, which is the reality. Consistency can make anyone successful, which is one of the most considerable qualities of any successful person. Because Google notices how severe and active you’re regarding how to increase organic search traffic? and this is reflected in your consistency

You are consistently publishing the content; not at all means publishing the content daily, but frequently and regularly. Choose your publishing duration, and then start publishing the quality content, and you will see people visiting your site organically.


We hope this article clears you – how to increase organic traffic? And if you use all these 7 tips wisely in your blogging career, you will surely be successful. 

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