Is puffed rice good for weight loss

Is Puffed Rice good for Weight Loss? – Things you didn’t know about popular Indian Snack

For many individuals, weight loss has become their one of the most important objectives. The health issues caused by weight gain have troubled people so much that they are ready to try any method for losing their weight. The diet you intake affects your weight losing process a lot. For losing your weight, it’s necessary that you intake a diet in which there are less calories and it also fills your appetite.  
This has led us to the question that “is puffed rice good for weight loss?”.

Puffed rice is one of the most popular snacks, especially in Indian homes. It also goes by the names like ‘murmura’, ‘muri’ and ‘mumra’ in many regional languages. In this article, we’ll see how is murmura good for weight loss, puffed rice benefits and many other things as well related to the popular snack of India.

Puffed Rice – A snack that every Indian has tasted.

In India, it’s hard to find someone whose tongue has never experienced the taste of puffed rice. A lot many snack recipes involve puffed rice as one of their primary ingredients. Bhel Puri, Namkeens and Jhaal Muri are some of the most popular snack names that involve puffed rice.

Recently, there has been a shift of focus towards the nutritional benefits related with the puffed rice and its capabilities in assisting loss of weight. People want to know more about how puffed rice are related to the weight loss or weight gain process. Is puffed rice good for health, does puffed rice increase weight or is murmura good for weight loss are some of the common questions that are trending among people.

If you’re searching for the answers to these questions, then just stick with us for the few more upcoming sections and we assure you that you’ll get to know amazing things related to the puffed rice benefits.

Is puffed rice good for weight loss? – Health effects of eating puffed rice

If we are looking at the effects of puffed rice in weight loss, then the first thing we should do is to have a look at how many calories does puffed rice contain. In one serving of puffed rice, there are 56 numbers of calories present. The nutrients present in puffed rice are magnesium, calcium, niacin and others like iron, vitamins. This much information about puffed rice is enough for one to know that it is a rice source of nutrients.

But will these puffed rice benefits help you in weight loss? Puffed rice is a rich source of carbohydrates which help in breaking down the fats. Also, puffed rice contains less amount of fats and calories.

Apart from these, puffed rice is also beneficial for your stomach. It helps in reducing acidity, is helpful in constipation and improves metabolism. The calorie intake in one serving of puffed rice is not much and can be managed by exercising for a while.

If we talk about some more health benefits of puffed rice then it is effective in boosting up the immunity of your body. It helps you in protecting from common cold, various viruses and other respiratory ailments.

How much Puffed Rice for weight loss?

We have looked at the calorie count and benefits of eating puffed rice, but haven’t talked about the amount yet. This section of the article resolves your query that “How much puffed rice should I eat for weight loss?”.

Before moving on to this question, let’s first look at the calories required by a normal person during a day. On an average, a person should have an intake of around 1500 calories per day. This includes around 300 calories in breakfast and around 600 calories each in lunch and dinner.

Puffed rice has around 56 calories in one serve. So, you should eat around 3-4 serves of puffed rice at one time for fulfilling up your calorie intake. Puffed rice have the ability to fill your appetite even when taken in small amounts.

For weight loss, you should not solely depend upon eating puffed rice. Eating puffed rice in small amounts before a meal is alright, but replacing your meals with puffed rice is a bad idea. This will have an impact on your overall health.

Can puffed rice be eaten at night?

Many people think about whether eating puffed rice at night is good or bad. Eating puffed rice is completely fine during any time of day. As puffed rice is not too much high in calories and in the previous sections we saw that it helps our body in many different ways. So, not much thought should be given prior to eating puffed rice.

One thing that you should focus upon is not to eat too much puffed rice in one go or in a single day. There are many health benefits related to eating puffed rice but one thing that you should keep in mind while eating is that too much intake of anything is harmful to your health. In the same manner, eating too much puffed rice can be damaging to your food pipe.


In this article, we discussed about “Is puffed rice good for weight loss”, puffed rice benefits and many other things related to puffed rice. Puffed rice is something that is present in every Indian household but very few know about the benefits that puffed rice offers to our bodies.

This article tries to put a focus on various benefits that are related to the puffed rice. The amount of calories present in the puffed rice, at which time you should eat puffed rice and in how much amount, all are discussed in this article. This article is a boon for the people who were unaware of the health benefits offered by the puffed rice.

We hope that this article imparted useful and interesting information to you. For more such content about health and wellness and also about many other interesting things, keep following our blog page.

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