of all the fitness and wellness activities customary in india

Of all the fitness and wellness activities customary in India which is most popular?

Yoga has been practiced for more than 5,000 years now and has been known for its various health benefits. Yoga is not just about stretching your body it actually means ‘YOG’ meaning unification. Unification of body and mind and keeping ourselves in sync with the Universal Energy ‘Brahma’.

But of all the fitness and wellness activities customary in India, nowadays Artistic Yoga has gained popularity. Artistic Yoga combines the suaveness of Yoga and the frenzy of Cardio-vascular Exercises.

Artistic Yoga

Artistic Yoga involves the practice of many yogic stretching asanas and many breathing asanas like Pranayam, Anylom Vilom Vajraasan, Sukhashan, and after this it is followed by cardio exercises like walking on the treadmill, stair climbing, cycling, and so on. These activities are done in cyclic order. And finally, Pranayam, or the asana that is done in the beginning is repeated in the end to calm down the mind.

Artistic Yoga combines aerobatic tactics with yoga which provides a unique experience to its executant. Dance and yoga are one of the examples of artistic yoga. Practicing artistic yoga helps the performer in staying healthy and energized. Performers of artistic yoga may feel younger. It is also one of the strategies which can help you lose weight.  Thus, artistic yoga can help performers at a physical level as well as the mental and spiritual level, thus helping in bringing about a complete transformation of body, mind, and soul.

Advantages of Artistic Yoga

Some of the advantages of Artistic Yoga are listed below:

  • Artistic Yoga helps in the overall development of those who practice it.
  • Since Artistic Yoga is in fashion these days it was adopted by modern people.
  • The activities at the beginning of Artistic Yoga are also repeated at the end.
  • Artistic Yoga has combined yoga and exercises, and so in the future, it might as well replace other fitness and wellness programs.

Final Words

So, here in this blog, we have discussed what is the most popular fitness and wellness activity in India. We have discussed Artistic Yoga and how it is performed. The benefits of Artistic Yoga are also listed in this blog. Some of the other popular fitness activities in India are running, Swimming, and Martial Arts.

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