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6 Tips to Building Your Perfect Skin Care Routine

Everyone has different skin, which is challenging when building your perfect routine. Each skin type requires a customized approach to skincare. While some skins require minimal moisture, others need intense moisture. Similarly, some skins need anti-aging help, while others need maintenance. Your perfect routine will consider all these factors and provide what your skin needs at that moment in time.

This process isn’t as easy as throwing on some products in a particular order and calling it a day. Building your perfect skincare routine takes time, patience, experimenting, and, most importantly, knowledge about your skin.

Six tips to get you started with a Perfect Skincare Routine right away.

1.      Know your skin type

Before building your perfect skincare routine, you need to know your skin type. Determining your skin type is crucial because it will help you build the perfect routine for your skin. There are a few ways to do this. The first way is to visit a dermatologist to have them test your skin and determine your skin type. This method is excellent for people with moderate to severe skin problems.

The second way is to research and find out what skin type you have. There are five skin types, normal, oily, combination, dry, and sensitive. Normal skin is the skin type that doesn’t require any extra help at all. Oily skin is often stressed out and can be prone to breakouts.

Combination skin is the skin type that has normal and oily areas. In contrast, dry skin can be itchy and flaky. Finally, sensitive skin is usually red and irritated and is generally seen in people with rosacea or eczema.

2.      Moisturize

Moisturizers play a massive role in your skincare routine. It hydrates, firms, and plumps your skin while protecting it from harmful UV rays.

However, finding the right moisturizer isn’t as easy as finding the right cleanser or toner. There are numerous types of moisturizers to choose from. You’ll need to find a moisturizer best suited for your skin type. A good example is the biologique recherche masque visolastine. It nourishes and locks in the moisture for long-lasting, hydrating skin.

Normal skin doesn’t require much help, while dry skin needs intense hydration to prevent flaking and itching.  You can choose a heavy moisturizer for dry skin.

Oily skin needs a light moisturizer that won’t bring more oil to the surface. Besides, combination skin usually benefits from light and intense moisturizers, but ensure it has the properties you need for your skin type.

3.      Get a good cleanser

Cleansers are a vital part of your skincare routine. They are designed to clean the skin for makeup, impurities, and other unwanted stuff. Finding the right cleanser for you is essential because the wrong one could cause more harm than good.

The best way to find the right cleanser for your skin type is to read the ingredients and instructions on the bottle. The ingredients will let you know if it’s best suited for oily, dry, or combination skin.

Combination skin is the skin type that has normal and oily areas. In contrast, dry skin can be itchy and flaky. Finally, sensitive skin is usually red and irritated and is generally seen in people with rosacea or eczema. Once you get your test done by the dermatologist, and find your skin type, find the face products KSA which will suit you the best.

Furthermore, cleansers come in a few different forms, such as bars, gels, or liquids. You can use a foaming cleanser if you have oily skin; for dry skin, you might want to go with a gel or a non-foaming cleanser.

4.      Add in a hydrating toner

Toners are often overlooked and not given the attention they deserve. This product is essential to proper skin functioning. It is applied to a clean face after using a cleanser to cleanse the skin further. Besides, it helps even out your skin tone, unclogs pores, kills germs, and reduces redness and inflammation.

Again, you want to find a toner suited for your skin type.  There are many toners to choose from, but you’ll want to ensure they’re suitable for your skin type. An excellent hydrating toner has soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients, providing a calming effect.

Oily skin usually needs a toner with alpha hydroxy acids in it. This will help unclog pores by exfoliating dead skin cells. In contrast, dry skin usually needs a hydrating toner that soothes irritation and dries out flakes. Your skin is now primed and ready to receive the rest of the products in your skincare routine.

5.      Exfoliate

Exfoliating is an essential part of a perfect skincare routine. It removes old, dead skin cells and unclogs pores, making it easier for skincare products to penetrate the skin and deliver maximum results.

There are numerous exfoliants to choose from, depending on your skin type. You can use a physical exfoliant (like a scrub) or a chemical exfoliant (like a chemical peel or enzyme peel).

For sensitive skin, it’s best to go with a physical exfoliant and ensure you’re exfoliating at least once a week. You can use a physical exfoliant daily, but chemical exfoliants should only be used weekly.

6.      Protect with cream and sunscreen

Protecting your skin from the sun is critical, for which you’ll need sunscreen. Most people don’t realize that UV rays can damage your skin even if you’re indoors. This is true if you have windows that don’t block UV rays, work in a warehouse, or are outdoors with no shade.

If you have to be outdoors, you might try to block the UV rays with clothing like long sleeves and pants, a hat, or even a UV-blocking sunscreen. You can also get a UV-blocking tint on your car windows, which can be helpful if you sit in the car for long periods.

Your perfect routine will consider all these factors and provide what your skin needs at that moment in time.” It’s important to nourish skin from the inside as well, ensuring you stay hydrated and maintain a healthy diet to avoid vitamin deficiencies. If you have difficulty staying hydrated and getting enough nutrients from foods, consider making an appointment for in-home IV therapy. Treatments hydrate and fuel the body with vitamins in the comfort and privacy of your home

Besides, you can choose a sunscreen cream that protects your skin from the sun’s damaging rays or a regular moisturizer with SPF. That’s the basics of your perfect skincare routine!


Building your perfect serum skincare routine isn’t something you do once and call it a day. It is a constant process that must be modified and adjusted as your skin changes and evolves through the years. The best way to build the perfect routine is to start with knowing your skin and the types of products and treatments your skin needs. From there, it’s just a matter of figuring out the order to apply your products and experimenting with new products until you find the perfect combination.

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