Stay Motivated in Gym

How To Stay Motivated When On The Gym Grind

When it comes to your gym grind, one of the hardest things is staying motivated. Motivation is something we can lose quickly, no matter what it is. It can be working out, with your current job or just a new diet plan you are trying.

Losing motivation when you have a specific fitness goal can delay the results. For example, if you are taking too many rest days due to a lack of motivation, it can hinder results.

There is nothing wrong with rest days and it is one of the things we should implement in our workout plan. However, if you have too many rest days, you are not working your muscles enough throughout the week. Aim for one to three rest days throughout the week, depending on the intensity of the workouts.

If you are one of those people who struggle to stay motivated, we have the perfect guide for you. As long as you follow all of these steps we are going to give you, you should be able to stay on track with your fitness goals.

Steps to Stay Motivated in Gym

Establish Your Fitness Goals

There will be a general fitness goal that you have already set yourself. One might be to become fitter, the other might be to get stronger or, you may have another fitness goal. The thing is, these are broad fitness goals. If you have a fitness goal like this, you will struggle to achieve it.

For example, what defines you being “fitter”?  Does fitter mean you can go up the stairs without running out of breath? Does it mean you can complete a 5K run in a certain time? Or does it mean you can see your muscles more in the mirror? As you can see, becoming fitter is a broad term that people use to get into the gym, however, due to this phrase, it is also the reason why they quickly become demotivated.

Before you begin your gym routine, establish your main goal. If your goal is to become fitter, ensure it is more precise. We gave an example before which was achieving a 5K run in a set time. Once you start the gym or begin running, record the time you complete a 5K run. That is your first time and your goal now should be to improve on this. That is the fitness goal that you can work towards and should be something you are recording week in and out to achieve your fitness goals.

Setting fitness goals is the reason why you began your journey. So, it should be something you work towards throughout your gym sessions. That way, you will see improvements which will help you keep motivated.

Make Training Fun

When people have set their workout goals, they partake in boring activities to achieve them. For example, going back to the fitness goal we mentioned earlier, people will try to achieve this on a treadmill. Arguably the most boring method of running you can do.

Although treadmills are great for tracking your progress and telling you the results, they can be tedious. If you are not doing it with a friend, it can get worse. Furthermore, there are a couple of ways you can make the run more exciting.

The first method would be to enter a running club. In that running club, you will notice that several people are aiming for similar fitness goals to you. Entering a running club can not only add a bit of competition to it but can also make friends along the way.

We understand that a running club might not be for everybody. Many people join a running club and feel like it is not for them. Maybe because they don’t want to compete with other people or talk whilst running. If you are one of those, consider outdoor running for yourself.

Outdoor running is something that will not only make the run more exciting. It will also get better results and make it more challenging. Try a different route every week around your area to make it more enjoyable. You could also make it a day out. For example, if you drive, drive to a popular running route area that is a little out the way. Apps such as Map My Run and Strava are great for showing other people’s running routes. Follow these different routes and challenge yourself.

Small Rewards Along The Way

As you continue your fitness journey, you should be recording results along the way. Whilst doing this, you should set small fitness goals to achieve the end game result. For example, if your first 5K run was thirty minutes, your next goal should be to get it down to around twenty-seven and a half minutes. Once you achieve that goal, you should be treating yourself with something.

There are many ways to reward yourself without going too crazy. For example, if you run past an ice cream shop during the run, make the ice cream shop at the end of your run. Your goal should be to get a specific time the moment you get to that shop. Once you achieve that time, treat yourself to ice cream for the walk home. That is if you like ice cream.

Another way to reward yourself is by purchasing new workout clothes. Maybe the clothes you wear now are outdated and you have had them for a long time. If you have, buy yourself a pair of women’s gym leggings for your future workouts, but on the more premium side. Maybe you need another pair of running shoes as your old ones have lost their grip. Moreover, sometimes the clothes you wear can also affect your performance. If you believe your running shoes are not supportive enough, treat yourself to a new pair. 


Staying motivated is difficult and something that isn’t easy. When exercising, you need to ensure you are doing the right workouts to get the results you want. It is pointless performing strength exercises every day when you want to improve your running time.

Implement these three tips we have given you and they should keep you motivated. If you are still struggling with these tips, bring a friend along with you. They can push you to your limits and are someone to talk to when you are at the gym.

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