Daily Dose of Cannabis

THC Vape: The Perfect Way to Get Your Daily Dose of Cannabis

There are millions of consumers of marijuana in the world. While most people prefer the traditional way of consuming marijuana by smoking a joint or a bong, others prefer one of the many other ways of consuming Cannabis like vaping, edibles, etc. Despite many ways of consuming marijuana, people are still unsure if there is one way that is the most useful and the most effective among others. Here, we shall see some popular ways of consuming Cannabis and whether vaping Cannabis through THC vape is the perfect way of getting your Cannabis.

THC Vape

THC is one of the many compounds found in the cannabis Sativa plant. It is a component that is reasonable for the highs associated with the use of marijuana. There are many ways of consuming THC; vaping is one of the most popular. THC vape is an electric device that uses THC oil or dried cannabis flower as its raw material. The THC Vape heats the THC oil or cannabis flower and converts it into vapor. The vapor so formed is inhaled by the user. By inhaling the vapor, the THC enters the bloodstream and brings about the effects associated with the use of marijuana.

Different ways of consuming Cannabis

There are numerous ways in which one can consume marijuana. Since Cannabis has existed for millions of years, many modes have come up in which one can consume them. The following are some of the most prevalent ways of consuming marijuana:

  1. Smoking: It is one of the most popular ways of consuming Cannabis. Traditionally, dried cannabis flowers are rolled into a joint. The joint is lighted from one end; this causes it to release smoke. A user inhales this smoke to get the benefits of marijuana. One can use many devices for smoking marijuana, like cigarettes, joints, bongs, pipes, cigars, etc. However, smoking marijuana can be very hazardous to health since burning raw Cannabis releases many carcinogenic particles and toxins; when inhaled by the body, these can cause health issues like cancer and heart diseases. Further, rolling a joint or preparing a bond or pipe is time-consuming and expensive.
  2. Edibles: One can infuse many distinct food items with THC, like brownies, candies, cakes, chocolates, etc. One may use dry cannabis flowers for this or THC oil. However, the effects of consuming marijuana may take some time to come up when consuming cannabis edibles. Also, it takes much time to prepare a batch of edibles whenever one wishes to eat them.
  3. Tinctures, Sprays, Topical Oils: These are Cannabis converted into liquid forms for easy consumption. Sprays and oils can be sprayed or placed under the tongue, from where they get absorbed into the bloodstream. Nevertheless, it may take some time for the effects to kick in. Also, they are a very banal way of consuming marijuana.
  4. Pills and Tablets: They are another form of consuming Cannabis. Capsules and pills come in fixed concentrations of THC, and one needs to swallow them with water. Here also, the effects may take some time to kick in. Further, scientists suggest that too many pills are not to be taken in a short period. Hence, one may not get the intended highs with a small dosage.
  5. Gummies: They are a popular mode of consuming Cannabis. They are particularly famous because they provide many flavors to the gummies and could be a fun way of consuming Cannabis. However, they can be expensive.
  6. Vaping: It is almost similar to smoking, but in vaping, there is an electronic device used for creating vapor. Dry Cannabis or THC oil is heated to form a vapor. A user then inhales the vapor to get its benefits and effects. They are a pretty fun and effective way of consuming Cannabis.

Benefits of using THC Vape

Vaping cannabis through THC vape is better than any other mode of consumption of Cannabis and has many benefits. It is a considerably safer and more efficacious way of consuming marijuana. Following are some of the many benefits of consuming Cannabis through THC vape that make it the perfect way of getting your Cannabis:

  1. THC vape is very convenient to use. When using joints for smoking cannabis, you have to roll one every time, but when you use a THC vape, all you need to do is press a button, and the vapor will start to form that you can inhale. The mechanism of the vape automatically heats the dry Cannabis or THC oil, depending on the raw material used by the vape, to produce vapor.
  2. A few puffs are enough to get the desired results. When you smoke or eat cannabis edibles, you may have to take a few puffs of the joint or eat a handful of brownies to get the desired results, but a THC vape allows you to get high after a few small puffs. It is thus very effective.
  3. Getting a rolling paper and rolling it into a joint, making a brownie, or getting tinctures and oils every time you wish to consume Cannabis could be expensive and time-consuming. THC vape allows you to save precious time and money but provides you with refillable vapes that you can refill anytime you want without wasting much time.
  4. It may not be convenient to smoke a joint anywhere, nor would it be convenient to make a brownie everywhere since you may not have the necessary equipment, or it may be a public place. A THC vape allows you to take a few puffs anywhere and does not release much smoke or odor that may catch anyone’s attention. It is thus a discreet way of consuming Cannabis.
  5. THC vape filters out the most harmful carcinogens and toxins that otherwise enter your body when you smoke marijuana through joints. It is thus a healthier option for you. Also, the vape is easy on the throat, unlike smoke from a joint or a bong.


We have seen many benefits to using THC vape to vape cannabis. The benefits far outweigh those of other modes of consuming Cannabis. THC vapes are economical, safer, discreet, and more effective than any other way of consuming Cannabis. For these reasons, and the reasons aforementioned, it is safe to say that vaping Cannabis through THC vapes is the perfect way of getting your daily dose of Cannabis.

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