Where are capers in Grocery Store

Where are Capers in Grocery Store? – Look in these Aisle

Sometimes it can become confusing for someone to find a specific thing in a grocery store. Among too many aisles, so many shelves and a large number of different product it becomes tiresome for one to find out the product that they actually want to buy. But what if, you got someone who can assist you in finding out the product you want to buy in the grocery store.  

Many people keep asking ‘where are capers in the grocery store’. We understand that finding something like capers in a huge grocery store can be confusing and even frustrating too. Thus, with our this piece we bring for you easy steps to find out capers in the grocery store. Along with that, there are some other interesting sections too that you should check out!

What Capers are and how to spot them

The scientific name for the capers is Capparis Spinosa. This bush produces edible flower buds. The size of the capers generally determines their quality, like small ones taste better than the larger ones.

The capers have no that much interesting taste when they are raw, but when pickling is done on them they are some of the delicious things that you should offer to your taste buds.

The capers have a small pea like structure. They are mostly dark green in color and their size also matches with small pea.

Where are capers in grocery store – Finding capers in grocery store

Finding out where capers are kept in a grocery store will become so easy for you if you follow the steps mentioned by us.

  • To find out capers go to the condiment aisle. Capers are generally kept in the condiment aisle where other products you may find are pickles and olives.
  • If you can’t find capers in that aisle go to the International aisle and search where Italian and other products are kept.
  • You can also check for the capers where pasta, noodles and sauces are kept.
  • If you go to the condiment aisle you’ll also find some other products like ketchup, mustard, dressing and hot sauce.

What capers are famously used for?

You might be buying capers for your kitchen having some definite plan in your mind but you should check out this section too which tells about some other interesting dishes related to capers.

  • Capers were used in Mediterranean dishes for centuries. They are added to give the food a salty punch.
  • The most popular dish for which people use capers is chicken piccata.
  • Capers are also used in recipes like pasta puttanesca, tuna salad, bagel and lox, cod piccata.

Place to find out the best caper – capers where to buy

Ever heard of an Island named Pantelleria? This island is located off the coast of Sicily, Italy. This is the place which delivers the best capers. The island is considered to be a part of Sicily but it’s geographical location is between Sicily and Africa.

Popular brands that sell capers

In this section we will give you name of some popular brands who are famous for selling capers.

  • Reese
  • Goya
  • Crosse & Blackwell
  • Paesana

These are some of the best brands that sell capers which you can buy from your nearest grocery stores.

Stores that sell capers – where to buy capers

You have seen where are capers in grocery store kept. This section provides you information about where to buy capers from. Below we give you a lost of stores that sell capers. If any of these stores are near your house, do visit them for buying capers.

  • Walmart – It is probably the best option for you to buy capers from. If there is Walmart store near to you, do visit there to explore capers of different brands.
  • Whole Foods – These have a good collection of capers from different brands. They have their own famous brand known as 365.
  • Kroger – they keep privately selected non-pareil capers. Stop by any Kroger store near you to buy them.
  • Publix – to find the capers from brands like Crosse & Blackwell and Goya, visit Publix store.
  • Italian Deli’s – these stores have many Italian specialty items. As best capers come from an island near Italy, you should definitely visit these stores if you get a chance for buying capers.

In Conclusion

In this article we have discussed about where are capers in grocery store and also where to buy capers from. Capers are famous for giving a different flavor and texture to your dishes when added.

If you couldn’t find capers at the stores that we have mentioned then do check the online stores like Amazon. They sell capers of various brands. Also, keep following our blog page for more interesting and informative content.

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